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  Individual Canada  
Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal
2012 marks the 60th anniversary of Her Majesty’s accession of the throne. To celebrate, the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee medal was created. The last time the Diamond Jubilee medals were presented was during Queen Victoria’s reign in 1867.

Today, the Canadian Lacrosse Association (CLA) is pleased to announce that fifty-five (55) members of the lacrosse community have joined a very exclusive club amongst Commonwealth countries as they are recipients of a Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee medal. This commemorative medal is a tangible and lasting way to pay tribute to those Canadians whose achievements have benefited their fellow citizens, their community, their organization and the country. It provides an opportunity to look back and recognize those who have made lacrosse what it is today. These fifty-five individuals represent the backbone of Canadian lacrosse; they are the volunteers, the builders of our sport, administrators, coaches, and players. They give tirelessly to the sport they are so passionate about and as such the CLA is thrilled to have the opportunity to honour each of them.

The CLA wishes to congratulate all the recipients; their commitment to Canada’s national summer sport is strengthened when we collectively pay homage to those who distinguished themselves by virtue of their talents, their generosity, and their service to their community, sport and to our country. Lacrosse is better for the all the contributions and time you each have given throughout the years.

2007 Team Peterborough Peterborough Jr. Lakers Lacrosse Team
Civic Athletic Awards of Merit
Peterborough Jr. Lakers Lacrosse Team
(members of team listed)

2013 Individual Peterborough Examiner  
Athletes honoured with [Peterborough] Civic awards
Six members of the gold medal-winning U19 Ontario field lacrosse team — Jake Withers, Josh Currier, Zach Currier, Cameron Milligan, Todd Richard and Joe Hiltz — won the civic athlete award of merit

  Individual New Westminster Fred Hume
Hume Park  - after Frederick Hume - entrepreneur, Mayor of New Westminster (later Vancouver), lacrosse player and club president -  inducted into both the Canadian Lacrosse Hall of Fame and the Canadian Hockey Hall of Fame.

Fred Hume played with the New Westminster Salmonbellies as a young man and became president of the club in the 1930s. He went on to break a nine year slump for the 1937 Salmonbellies Mann Cup Team (the first BC team to win the cup since the arrival of box lacrosse) by augmenting the team with eastern lacrosse players.

  Individual New Westminster Fred Hume
Hume Street
named for Fred J. Hume, Mayor

1885 Individual New Westminster William Irving
Irving Street
Named for Capt. Wm. Irving, Councillor
(now named Cunnigham Street)

2007 Individual City of Burnaby Jack Crosby
Jack Crosby Memorial Lacrosse Box
A lacrosse box was opened for use in July 2007 at the Riverway Sports Complex in southwest Burnaby (Nelson Avenue and Marine Way). It is located between the south parking lot and the softball diamond/sports field. It has a regulation size asphalt floor, 4 feet high side boards with 12 feet high end zone boards. The lacrosse box will be officially opened and dedicated on July 26, and officially named the Jack Crosby Memorial Lacrosse Box.
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1913 Individual New Westminster Fred Lynch
Lynch Street
Named for Fred J. Lynch, business man, Councillor and lacrosse player

1907 Noc New Westminster  
Sapperton Park
The establishment of the Sapperton Junior Lacrosse Club in 1900 was the impetus for the creation of Sapperton Park. The project was spearheaded by a group of more than 75 local residents that included Sapperton pioneer Jack Cambridge, an avid sports enthusiast who worked as the Registrar at the New Westminster courthouse. Cambridge was the fi eld captain for the new team, while infl uential Nels Nelson, who operated the West-minster Brewery, was President. The lacrosse team played on a privately-owned, makeshift lacrosse fi eld, as there were no existing public parks in the city’s east end. Despite the lack of adequate playing facilities, the new team included many talented players, and scored many victories. It not only won the city’s junior lacrosse championship, but the support of nearly every resident of Sapperton as well.

The site may have been offered for donation in 1903 to the citizens of Sapperton by the landowner. Later minutes record that the park was finally established in 1907 when Council granted the funds to clear the site in time for the lacrosse season.

1909 Individual New Westminster Alex Turnbull
Turnbull Street
Named for Turnbull family, probably Alex Turnbull prominent lacrosse player
(Now Ninth Avenue)

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