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1932 Larry Power notes re Judy Garlow (Punch) scrapbook
Very little has been known about the beginning of box lacrosse, other than in 1931 and 1932 there was a professional box league in Canada.

From Judy 'Punch' Garlow's scrapbook there also must have been a pro league that played in the States in 1932 and 1933 at the very least. In 1932 the Atlantic City Americans played a number of games against American clubs. Was this indeed an organized schedule or were these exhibition games.

The pro league continued in 1933 in the States while the Canadian pro league folded in Canada. Mention is made of a pro team from Brampton in 1933 with Ted Large in net but I don't believe Large played for Brampton team in the O.A.L.A. senior A series in 1933. I have to visit with Judy Punch again to get some more questions answered.
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1932 Judy Garlow (Punch) Scrapbook 9
Indians Triumph in Lacrosse Test
Scotty Martin leads Tecumsehs to Overtime Victory
Photo: Harry Smith (Jay Silverheels - Tonto)
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1932 Judy Garlow (Punch) Scrapbook 37
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Photo (poor quality scan)
Jeff Hill (Quakers) guards Brian Hall of the Northstars 
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