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1974-1975 NLL   The Caribou are going big! Gaylord who has it in his blood ... and the rest of the team in great shape.
By Jacques ARTEAU
Quebec Caribou
Gaylord Powless
Russ George
Chris Rudge
Posted by Dave Coleman
1975   thread:Professional  
1974-1975 NLL   Tomahawk Home Opener Wednesday
1974-1975 NLL   Montreal Challenges Maryland as NLL Near
1974-1975 NLL   Two Ways to Stick it to ‘Em
Other Lacrosse   NA Professional Lacrossse Assoc. 1933-34 Even though the 1930s found the United States in the midst of the Great Depression, the worst economic crisis it has ever faced, enterprising individuals insisted on starting up professional leagues in a number of sports.
1933   thread:professional
1968 NLA   National Lacrosse Association Results
1968   thread:professional
1968 NLA Detroit Olympics The Sports Beat
Gaylord Powless (includes picture)
"He just happens to be one of the nation's finest athletes. He plays lacrosse in the comparative secrecy of Olympia and other stadia around the country. But because there aren't thousands cheering doesn't take anything away from Powless." - Bob Laishaw (Detroit American, July 24, 1968)
1968 NLA Detroit Olympics Olympic Ace Tops 2 Loops in Goals
Ross Jones
Jim Bishop, Ross Jones, Gaylord Powless in 1967

"If I were to compare Jones to athlete of other sports, I'd say that he's more relevant to the game of lacrosse that Bobby Orr is to Hockey," said Detroit's general manager and coach Jim Bishop
1968 NLA Detroit Olympics Quits Pro Lacrosse Doug Favell
Other Lacrosse NLL Statistics Evaluating Scorers Across Eras: An Analytical Approach
"Nevertheless, the use of analytics at least allow a closer comparison than raw numbers themselves would allow. And, using those analytics, we find that great players are great - regardless of when they played." -  Steve Holroyd

Atahn Iannucci
Paul Suggate
Paul Gate
Gary Gait
Johnny Davis
Curtis Dickson
Lionel Conacher

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