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Notable Event 1908 - The Season that ended with a Bang
"In the early days of lacrosse, the rivalry between the New Westminster Salmonbellies and Vancouver Lacrosse Club was fierce, intense, and heated. Tension and hostilities often erupted and bled out on the field and sometimes into the stands."

Vernon Green
Gordon Spring
Tommy Gifford
New Westminster, 1908 Minto Cup champions
Con Jones
George Paris
Oscar Swanson
Irving Wintemute (Punk)
Joe Reynolds
Jimmy Gifford
Rev. TM Henderson
Archie Macnaughton
Charles Galbraith

1908 1908  

Notable Person About Dave Stewart-Candy

Click this link to view and download: OLD SCHOOL LACROSSE – PRO LACROSSE IN BRITISH COLUMBIA 1909-1924
Click this link to view and download: CANADIAN LACROSSE ALMANAC 1867-2020

January 4, 2015 interview with Fieldhouse (former Boxer) Journal (Baltimore, Maryland):
June 15, 2015 interview with CKPG TV Sports (Prince George, British Columbia): http://www.ckpg.com/2015/06/15/no-distance-too-far-for-stewart-candys-love-of-lacrosse/
July 1, 2015 interview with CKPG TV Sports (Prince George, British Columbia): https://youtu.be/W-gxFfOAOjU
Interview excerpt from the 2018 documentary Lacrosse: A Nation’s Game: https://www.facebook.com/NumanFilms/videos/1572399616148606/
February 17, 2019 Canadian Lacrosse Foundation “Lacrosse Talks” at the Canadian Lacrosse Hall of Fame: https://youtu.be/0nDgaVvMr5s

    Dave Stewart-Candy

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Inductee Alban 'Bun' Clark
"For such a famous and well-regarded goalkeeper during the game’s height of popularity on the Pacific Coast, practically nothing is known about the man except some fleeting details."

Fergus Intermediates (1899-1904)
Toronto Tecumsehs (1905-1908)
Regina Capitals (1909)
Vancouver Lacrosse Club (1910-1911)
New Westminster Salmonbellies (1912-1915; 1918-1921)

1899 1921 Alban Clark thread legends
Inductee Alex 'Dad' Turnbull
"In the fall of 1897, Turnbull moved to British Columbia to ply his trade as a typesetter – first to Rossland and then onwards to New Westminster where he played with the New Westminster Salmonbellies from 1897 until 1909 with a brief comeback in 1918. On arrival in New Westminster, he took an immediate liking to the city and soon found employment with the fire department."

New Westminster Salmonbellies (1897-1909; 1918)

1897 1918 Alex Turnbull thread: New Westminster Salmonbellies 1908 - 1913
Notable Person Alex 'Sandy' Gray
"A stalwart wall in goal for the New Westminster Salmonbellies at the start of their Minto Cup championship run, Alex ‘Sandy’ Gray was the best goalie on the Coast during the three seasons (1909, 1910, and 1911) in which he played professional lacrosse for the Salmonbellies"

New Westminster Salmonbellies (1903-1911)

1903 1911 Alex Gray thread: New Westminster Salmonbellies 1908 - 1913
Notable Person Alfred 'Boney' Suckling
"Alfred Ernest ‘Boney’ Suckling was regarded as one of the best defensemen in the early, formative years of British Columbian lacrosse."

Vancouver Lacrosse Club (1886-1896)

1886 1896 Alfred Suckling
Notable Person All Stars of the Pacific Coast
"There were never any official all-star teams named during the early pro lacrosse era on the Pacific Coast, although occasionally newspapers would concoct various all-star team lists for their curious readers."

George Rennie
Dave Gibbons
Henry Hoobin

1909 1924  
Notable Person Andrew Jack
"Andrew Jack, a member of the Skwxwú7mesh (Squamish) Nation, was the second aboriginal player ever to play professional lacrosse in British Columbia when he became the goalkeeper for the Vancouver Terminals in the final weeks of the 1923 season."

Vancouver Terminals (1923-1924)

Andy Paull

1922 1924   thread: First Nations
Inductee Angus "Bones" Allen
"Well-regarded by his fellow players, Allen “…was a prince and a fellow. Bones played hard. He could take the bumps and hand them out with never a whimper. A real man and a real sport,” is how opponent Gordon ‘Grumpy’ Spring recalled him, when interviewed by the Vancouver Sun the day after ‘Bones’ passed away in 1941."

Cornwall Colts (1898-1902)
St. Catharines Athletics (1903)
Ottawa Capitals (1904-1908)
Regina Capitals (1909)
Vancouver Lacrosse Club (1909-1913; 1915)

1898 1915 Angus Allen
Inductee Angus 'Angie' McDonald
"His professional debut saw him enter the game as a substitute goalkeeper for the injured Dave Gibbons. ‘Angie’ McDonald only played in 6 pro seasons, but his 60 goals and 65 points in 60 games is good enough to place him ninth in all-time career scoring on the Coast and third overall for all Vancouver players."

Vancouver Terminals (1919-1921; 1921-1924)
Vancouver Lacrosse Club (1921)

1912 1936 Angus McDonald
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