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  Stan Shillington
On his original Bible of Lacrosse Web Site Larry Power used this picture in his dedication to Stan,

"The year was 1975 when I moved to New Brunswick and began saving old O.L.A. Stats and Record books and getting the two keypunch girls keying the stats only old on system 3 computer cards. Although I had saved lacrosse stats from newspaper clippings from as far back as 1963 I peg the year that I started mailing letters back and forth with Stan Shillington in 1978 as the year I started doing serious lacrosse research. It would have been the summer of 1978 that Stan and I started mailing newspaper clippings and stat books back and forth across the country. Even back in 1978 Stan had already spent 20 years recording all the stats for senior A lacrosse in the West, and had been inducted into the Canadian Lacrosse Hall of Fame as a builder and considered the unofficial historian of lacrosse for all of Canada.

This BIBLE of lacrosse wouldn't be nearly as filled with the statistical history of lacrosse if it were not for Stan Shillington. It was Stan who not only provided me with all the information on west coast senior A, senior B and junior A, as well as Mann Cup, President's Cup and Minto Cup but Stan was the one who co-ordinated putting together the research Bobby Grainger, Paul Whiteside and I did on putting together all the stats on OLA senior A and major lacrosse throughout the history of box lacrosse.

To this day it is Stan, with his trusty Underwood typewriter who edits all the stats that I type into the BIBLE. I consider Stan Shillington the guru of all lacrosse statisticians and historians and, through the years I have grown to consider Stan a very close friend, It was his groundwork and inspiration, that has pushed me to continue in his footsteps to recreate everything to do with lacrosse which otherwise would have been lost forever." -  Wamp
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  Paul Gait
Gary Gait
First time the Gait Brothers faced each other on different teams
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