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1867 Emblem of the National Lacrosse Association of Canada "Our Country & Our Game"
association, picture Canada
1867 First Dominion Lacrosse title contested  Montreal Lacrosse club vs Caughnawaga with the winner (Caughnawaga) considered the World Champions First Nations, North America Caughnawaga, Quebec, Canada
1954 Peterborough Trailerman - 1st to win 4 Mann Cup in a row  Peterborough Trailerman set Mann Cup record by being the first team to win 4 Mann Cup titles in a row. championship Canada
1903 Kamloops Star Lacrosse Team (photo in British Columbia Archives) club, picture BC
1880 Emblem of Shamrock Lacrosse Club 1850-1885 19th century Engraving John Henry Walker (1831-1899) club, picture Quebec
1910 - 1930 Squamish Lacrosse Team 1910-1930 20th century  Photograph First Nations, picture Squamish
1932 Johns Hopkins vs Canada 80,000 people watched a lacrosse match between Johns Hopkins University and Canada international USA, Canada
1932 Lacrosse at Los Angeles Olympics Lacrosse was a demonstration sport at the 1932 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles. Teams from Canada and the United States played three games, with the team from the United States winning the serie ... Olympics USA, Canada
1799 Salmanaca - Handsome Lake vision occurs
First Nations  
1815 Onondaga - Burial place of Handsome Lake
First Nations  
1842 First Montreal Olympic Athletic club lacrosse team.
club Quebec
1843 First lacrosse game between Indians and non-Indian teams
First Nations, origins Quebec
1858 Photograph of Lacrosse Team, Montreal
club, picture Quebec
1858 Claim that Lacrosse "the National Game of the Dominion"
game Canada
1862 Ottawa Lacrosse Club Formed
club Ontario
1866 Champion Lacrosse Club - Montreal
picture Quebec
1867 First Major Lacrosse League formed
league, origins  
1867~ Caughnawaga Lacrosse Team with Dr. George Beers & Henry Beck
First Nations, picture Caughnawaga
1868 Messrs. Beers and Stevenson playing lacrosse, Montreal, QC,
1868 US Second Club - Buffalo
club, USA  
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