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1100 ~ version of stickball There is evidence that a version of stickball played in Mesoamerica or Mexico as early as the 1100s North America, game  
1100 Gift of the Creator First Nations, North America, origins  
1636+ Southeast stickball Among southeastern tribes (Cherokee, Choctaw, Chickasaw, Creek, Seminole, Yuchi and others), a double-stick version of the game is still practiced. A two-and-a half foot stick is held in each hand, an ... First Nations  
1636+ Great Lake Sticks and ball Great Lakes players used a single three-foot stick. terminating in a round, closed pocket about three to four inches in diameter, only a little larger than the ball., In this game, the ball was usuall ... equipment  
1794 creation of a basic set of rules Match between two native groups results in creation of a basic set of rules First Nations, rules, origins  
1799 Salmanaca - Handsome Lake vision occurs
First Nations  
1815 Onondaga - Burial place of Handsome Lake
First Nations  
1867 First Major Lacrosse League formed
league, origins  
1867 Firsat demonstration in US Saratoga Springs - first lacrosse demonstration in US origins, USA  
1868 White Players in Upstate New York White players in Upstate New York began to play lacrosse about this time and during the 1870's several teams were organized in metropolitan New York. origins, USA  
1868 Messrs. Beers and Stevenson playing lacrosse, Montreal, QC,
1868 US Second Club - Buffalo
club, USA  
1869 First book on lacrosse A Montreal publisher produced the first book on the sport in 1869. Lacrosse: The National Game of Canada was written by Beers and illustrated with posed photos of players by the famous Notman Gallery. rules, origins, Canada  
1870 NY Times coverage of Knickerbocker vs Toronto CLub The New York Times (August 27) reports in "Outdoor Sports" that the Knickerbocker Lacrosse Club of NY faced the Toronto Club in Buffalo. Toronto took the decisive fifth game after the Knickerbocker cl ... international, USA, Canada  
1870 United States Championship On November 25th, The New York Times reports that the Knickerbocker Club is the winner of a tournament to determine the United States Championship championship, USA  
1870~ John Flannery was the father of USA lacrosse in 1870s
USA, origin  
1876 Canadian and European Lacrosse Teams Canadian and European Lacrosse Teams in playing positions, composite, Montreal, QC, 1876 Photograph
origins, international, picture  
1876 Lacrosse in Australia

In April of 1876 the pioneer of lacrosse in Victoria (and Australia as a whole) was a Canadian Lambton L Mount who had come to the Victorian goldfields as a fourteen year old with his family in 185 ...

club, origins, :Australia  
1879 The U. S. Amateur Lacrosse Association The U. S. Amateur Lacrosse Association, founded in 1879, adopted the Canadian rules. rules, association, USA  
1879 Victorian Lacrosse Association (Australia) formed

By 1879, four clubs had been formed in Australia with some 120 players.

These four clubs Melbourne, Fitzroy, South Melbourne and Carlton formed the Victorian Lacrosse Association in July 18 ...

association, origins, :Australia  
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