The Canadian Lacrosse Hall of Fame is proud to have been asked by Larry Power to preserve his legacy work "Power's Bible of Lacrosse." We have captured his original work and expanded it here with additional information and artifacts from the Archives of the CLHOF. In addition, with the help of partners we have added new sections that capture the stories and lore of our game in written, interview and video form. We hope you enjoy and ask for your support, if you have materials that you believe should be preserved in physical form by our Museum or virtually in our archives and the Bible of Lacrosse, please drop us an email:

The Hall of Fame is more than a repository of names and photos of our greatest players, builders and teams, it is also the keeper of our national summer sport's history.
There are multiple links to the Hall of Fame in "Wamps Bible" but much more can be found directly on the Hall site.

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This site is the continuance of the work of Larry Power but as he himself acknowled he built the original with inspiration and knowleged given by Stan Shillington and others.
This section includes a tribute to these historians and others that have contibuted to preserving the history and cultural artifacts of Our Heritage. Our Game.

On the shoulders of giants ...

This sites has very strong search and filter tools to allow you to find exactly what you are looking for from the tens of thousands of entries. These tools included a unique "thread" tool that allows you find the most relevant entries on frequently looked at themes - from Mann and Minto Cup to Lacrosse Dynasties.

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