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85 Jeff Zywicki 1981 1997 2016 20 Nepean 1998 - WINNER OF O.L ... 514 ... Jeff Zywicki

LP( ...
1379 Gaylord Powless 1946 1963 1977 15 Ohsweken 1990 Mann Cup, Minto Cup Man ... 1964 - JIM McCONAGHY ...
963 ... Gaylord Powless


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OrderID Player playername xname Season Team xteam League GP G A PTS PIM PGP PG PA PPTS PPIM nameplus Accession fonds
9447 Gaylord Powless Gaylord Powless 1973 Coquitlam Adanacs WLA Snr A 19 27 56 83 16 10 15 27 42 10 Powless, Gaylord 1-Dec-1946 Ohsweken, ON
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157 1967 MVP Jim McConaghy Memorial Award Minto Cup - CLA Gaylord Powless

Gaylord Powless
160 1964 MVP Jim McConaghy Memorial Award Minto Cup - CLA Gaylord Powless

Gaylord Powless
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69 Inductee Gaylord Powless

thread: legends 150
He was an extraordinary lacrosse player, proud of his heritage and family name.

Btw, to soar to the lofty heights ...
99 Notable Event Box Lacrosse First Pro Championship
1968 1968 thread: salmonbellies
Long, long ago, in a faraway land called New Westminster nestled by the muddy Fraser Fraser, there emerged the first ...
122 Story Team of the Century

Sports fans are an irrational collection of chattering know-it-alls.

Watch a game and the obstreperous fan instant ...
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1 1974-1975 NLL The Caribou are going big! Gaylord who has it i ... 1975 1975 thread:Professional
41 1968 NLA Detroit Olympics The Sports Beat
Gaylord Powless ...
1968 1968
42 1968 NLA Detroit Olympics Olympic Ace Tops 2 Loops in Goals
Ross Jones
1968 1968
81 Other Lacrosse National Lacrosse League (1972)
Jim Bishop
1972 1972
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3 1968 NLA The Week That Was May 8-15, 1968 article
The Week That Was In The National Lacrosse Association: May 8-15, 1968

On May 5, 1968, the National Lacrosse Association season opened with the Detroit Olympics defeating the Toronto Maple Leafs, 10-8, behind two Doug Favell goals and a dominant performance from Gaylord Powless.

The league survived to play the next week—which was no small feat, given the performance of the four professional boxla circuits of the 1930s.
Steve Holroyd 1968 1968 2028 thread:Professional
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10 Honoured Member Gaylord Powless
Honoured Member:
Canada's Sports Hall of Fame
Canadian Lacrosse Hall of Fame

Selected as a "Legend of Lacrosse" on the occasion of the 150th Anniversary of Canada, He is one of the most outstanding players of not just his era but of all time, thread: Gaylord Powless
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3 2014 Lacrosse - The Creator’s Game

Includes ... https://w ...

32 Larry Power 
 Col ... /wampsBib ... thread: Larry Power
39 2012

Larry Power (Wamper)

The legendary Larry 'The Wamper' Power – passionate and devoted fan, historian, statistician and author of the Bible Of Lacrosse – left this earth peacefully on Sunday, June 23, 2019, in his seventy-second year. In his memory, here's a clip of him from April 1, 2012, telling stories in 'The Gaylord Powless Lounge' where he spent many happy hours, tirelessly poring over and compiling lacrosse stats. RIP Wamper you will be missed!

https://y ... thread: Larry Power
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8 2017 Gaylord Powless
http://www.sportshal ... Gaylord Powless
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36 2004 Saving Gaylord from the Garbage Heap
Larry Powers
Gay ...
92221100_ ...
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23 2017 display
Canada 150 Celebration
Legends of Lacrosse Display
Edourard Lalonde (Ne ... b1254fc8de68d4291.jpg thread: Edourard Lalonde
515 1990 headshot Gaylord Powless
Induction into Canad ... bc12fa9ab8816a1d5.jpg
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24 Individual Gaylord Powless cla
2017 cla "A skilled scorer and unselfish playmaker, Gaylord was a lacrosse prodigy growing up, winning the thread: First Nations
ID Type Initial Recent Description League Link Logo CreativeCommons thread Accession fonds
258 Individual
Delby Powless thread: First Nations
259 Individual Gaylord Powless