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10 Honoured Member Gaylord Powless
Honoured Member:
Canada's Sports Hall of Fame
Canadian Lacrosse Hall of Fame

Selected as a "Legend of Lacrosse" on the occasion of the 150th Anniversary of Canada, He is one of the most outstanding players of not just his era but of all time, thread: Gaylord Powless
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8 2017 Gaylord Powless
http://www.sportshal ... Gaylord Powless
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23 2017 display
Canada 150 Celebration
Legends of Lacrosse Display
Edourard Lalonde (Ne ... b1254fc8de68d4291.jpg thread: Edourard Lalonde
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353 2017 FB Page misc.

Six Nations prodigy was an icon to the sport and his community thread: Gaylord Powless