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116 Story Lacrosse A Regal Game

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Box lacrosse -- a noble game worthy of a royal spotlight.

And so, on the evening of October 20, 1951, the New ...
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8 culture Royalty - the rest of the story to be completed

thread: royalty
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39 1901
Duke and Duchesss at Lacrosse Game

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Todd Tobias
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30 1860 Grand Lacrosse Match in honour of Prince of Wales ... First Nations, royalty, picture Iroquois, Quebec, St. Regis
"The completion of the bridge was only part of a larger celebration of British achievement during the Prince's visit. During his visit to Montreal in 1860, the Prince of Wales also opened the Crystal Palace, which housed the Provincial Exhibition. Modelled on London's Great Exhibition of 1851, Montreal's Crystal Palace featured industrial, art and agricultural exhibitions. The celebrations surrounding the inauguration of the bridge closed with lacrosse games and a citizens' ball"

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50 1867 Game before Queen Victoria ... First Nations, game Caughnawaga, England
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80 1876 Queen Victoria watched and "endorses" a lacrosse game ... royalty, UK, Canada England
thread: royalty
142 1901 first game played for the Minto Cup ... royalty, championship, Canada Ontario
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